More and more libraries are creating Facebook accounts to reach their patrons.  We haven’t created a Facebook account for the Alumnae Library yet, and an article about millennials and their addiction to Facebook makes me wonder if it’s a good idea.  I witness this addiction with students on a daily basis:  whenever I see  students writing a paper or doing research at one of the reference computers, they ALWAYS keep their Facebook account open and continue to toggle back to it throughout their time spent at the computer.  Librarians are simply trying to reach their patrons where they already are so it makes perfect sense for them to create Facebook accounts to disseminate information, but I wonder if we are also encouraging the growing problem of ADHD and cultivating greater “continuous partial attention“.  Perhaps college campuses will have Facebook Anonymous (or FBA) groups forming throughout the country in the near future.  According to the New York Times article, some high school students in San Francisco have already formed one–amazing.  I think Facebook is a wonderful tool to keep in touch with distant friends and family, but, unfortunately, it has become an unhealthy obsession for young people.  When students’ grades are affected by spending too much time on Facebook, I’d say it’s time to take a hiatus.

And here’s an article about a survey conducted at the University of New Hampshire that found that students’ grades are not affected by social media.  Perhaps it’s simply a matter of maturity:  college-age students are better able to manage their time or perhaps have to because college is much more demanding than high school?  I’d say more surveys and studies are needed.