I helped a nursing student track down the full-text of an article this afternoon from a citation she found on the Pubmed database.  The article was from MCN or The American Journal of Maternal/Child Nursing (ISSN 0361-929X).  At Elms College we shelve our bound periodicals by title, so I looked in the As under “American Journal of Maternal . . .” and came up with a dead end.  It turns out that the journal is more commonly known as “MCN” which doesn’t make any sense since the full title doesn’t reflect that acronym, but I finally found the issue shelved in the Ms.

I looked up this journal in Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory, and it hasn’t changed its name over the years which is what I thought I was going to discover.  So be forewarned, if your library has this periodical, you just might find yourself on a wild goose chase before you track it down.  Perhaps this is a good reason to shelve periodicals by call number as I’ve seen at some academic libraries.