I went for my six month dental cleaning the other day and was informed that I have four cavities!  I floss every evening, brush meticuously twice a day, and avoid junk food so “how in the world do I keep getting cavities” I asked the dentist.  He didn’t have a good answer for me, so I decided to do some research and I came across Dr. Ellie Phillips’ blog

I then emailed her with several questions and she was happy to answer any and all of my pesky questions!  Dr. Phillips has been a dentist for 35 years and educates people that “tooth decay and gum disease are preventable disesases.” She is “a member of the American Dental Association, the New York State Dental Association and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentists. A graduate of Eastman Dental Center, Rochester, NY, with qualifications in pediatric and general dentistry, and an honorary member of the Eastman Academy, University of London, England.”

I would highly recommend reading her book, Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye.  Or if you don’t have time to read the book, simply start following her recommended oral health routine.  Eating xylitol mints or chewing xylitol gum is a huge part of this routine.  Xylitol is NOT a synthetic substance.  Click here to find out exactly what xylitol is.  If you don’t want to order xylitol mints or gum from Dr. Phillips’ website, you can find them in health food stores–just make sure that you buy mints or gum with 100% xylitol, not sorbitol.  Follow this routine, and soon you will be saying:  “Look ma, no cavities!”